Model Selection Guide

1.     Scope
This document describes the Product Specification of the Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery 334561-3S supplied by Shenzhen JHY Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
2.     Model: JHY334561-3S
3.     Specification

No. Items Specifications
3.1 Charge voltage 12.825V±0.035V
3.2 Nominal voltage 11.1V
3.3 Over discharge detection voltage 9V±0.5V
3.4 Nominal capacity 910mAh (at 0.2C rate discharge process after standard charge)
3.5 Minimum capacity 900mAh (at 0.2C rate discharge process after standard charge)
3.6 Standard Charge(25±2℃) Constant current 0.5C mA to 4.2V
Constant voltage 4.2V, 0.02CmA cut-off
3.7 Fast charge(25±2℃) Constant current 1C mA to 4.2V
Constant voltage 4.2V, 0.02CmA cut-off
3.8 Standard Discharge (25±2℃) Constant current 0.5CmA 3.0V Cut-off
3.9 Fast Discharge(25±2℃) Constant current 1CmA 3.0V Cut-off
3.10 Operating temperature Charging:    0°C ~ 75°C
Discharging: -20°C ~ 75°C
3.11 Storage (At 50% SOC and
specified temp, recoverable
capacity in % vs time. )
-20℃~25℃ (12 months, ≥85% )
-20℃ ~45℃ (6 months,  ≥85% )
-20℃~55℃ (1 month,   ≥90% )
20±5℃ is the recommended storage temperature
3.12 Cycle Life ≥300cycles more than80%at fast charge / fast discharge(25±2℃)
3.13 Pack Initial Internal
≤380mΩ (50% SOC, Measure the AC impedance t 1kHz)
3.14 Pack weight Approx:60.0g
3.15 Delivery voltage 11.1V~11.7V
3.16 Delivery capacity ≥60%
3.17 Warranty Time 12 Months
3.18 Environment requirement RoHs and REACH
3.19 Dimensions of battery pack T: 10.8mm(Max)   W: 47.0mm(Max)   L: 70.0mm(Max)



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