Stntus,the European vacuum preservation expert ,founded in 1995 in Germany, has been specializing in the vacuum preservation industry for more than 20 years. It has the world's leading vacuum preservation research institute and Europe's largest fresh-keeping packaging manufacturing base, and its vacuum technology even has been further applied in space. This electric vacuum pump is the turning point of traditional freshness preservation into the intelligent era, and it is manufactured and assembled in European origin. It combines the advantages of high efficiency, labor saving, convenience, and durability into one.

The product uses ABS eco-friendly resin to increase the comfort and enhance the wear resistance of the handle, providing you with the ultimate experience.More than 120 rigorous tests were carried out in the design and R&D section. The production process adopted the EN ISO full-flow standard and joined the ZEOS Alliance (production and environmental protection organization) to reduce production pollution and take responsibility for global environmental protection. Meets the European Food Safety Standard (EFSS). The vacuum preservation series uses the new Tritan safety material. Tritan is FDA certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration and specifies safe materials for baby products in Europe and the United States.