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Q: I would like to get good prices. What do I do?
A: Please send us a mail and show us your interested models & quantity.

Q: I would like to buy only one battery. Is it OK?
A: When the one is in stock, we would like to sell you.

Q: I can't find any models fit for our products. What do I do?
A: Every week we make some new models but do't update in time. Please send us the dimension range (length x width x thickness) and capacity. We will check the ones haven't been showed online. Besides we can provide you customized battery.

Q: I would like to buy some batteries. How do I pay?
A: We accept payment via PayPal, Western Union orT/T.

Q: I want battery assembled connectors, Can you do it?
A: Yes, can assemble connectors such as Molex, JST or SMK. Please send me the part number,


Technical Support: 
Thanks for your trust and support of our products, and if you have any questions about the product and after-sales,please email your questions to, and our professional technical personnel will be happy to serve you.


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NO.3,Tianlong Lane,Qingshui Rd,Longxi
Community,Longcheng Street,Longgang
District,Shenzhen City,P.R.China.

  • +86-755-84516430