JHY Vision

Be the leader in the field of lithium polymer battery


JHY is an army with drive and sweep and every order is executed without fail.

JHY is a school, where we learn from each other with humility, teaching what we know best. 

JHY is a family, where we love each other, sharing weal and woe.

We are sincerely willing to work together with high spirits and new outlook to seize the opportunity, greet the challenge, accelerate the pace of development and create the magnificence.





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We would like to hear from you whether you want to ask a question, receive further information, make a suggestion, share your project, or report a problem. Please contact us using the form below or sending a message to info@jhypower.com with your inquiry. Please note Battery University cannot perform calculations for projects or assignments and we do try to answer all the emails received.

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